How to find The Best Authentic Indian Restaurant in Calgary

Want to enjoy mouth-watering Indian delicacies? Well, look no further than an Indian home. But if you don’t have that option, there’s nothing to be disappointed. You can always visit the best authentic Indian restaurant in Calgary. No matter what type of food you love, there’s something for all food lovers. Be it spicy or non-spicy, the options are galore in case of Indian cuisine. But that doesn’t mean you can visit any Indian restaurant under the sun. You must conduct proper research before visiting any eatery.

Look at the menu

When you visit any Indian restaurant, your aim should be to concentrate on the menu. This would give you an idea if the restaurant is good enough or not. Start by checking the appetizers. See if there are sufficient veg and non-veg food options. Several Indian appetizers are potato based so if you love potato you can try out these or you can choose non-veg ones. Next, comes the entrees. Most of the best veg restaurant in Calgary offer family style dining. Apart from this, you can also choose from different entrees.  Either opt for meat such as lamb, goat, chicken, beef, etc or go meatless. Check the desserts option as well.

Look at the customer reviews

When visiting the best non-veg restaurant in Calgary, ensure you read the customer reviews before you drop by. This would help you know how the customers have enjoyed a great meal, what is it they really liked and what they didn’t like, etc. Also, visit the website to read the customer testimonials as all established restaurants have their own website. 

Any special facility

Many Indian restaurants offer a chef’s choice menu. This helps you enjoy the best meal of the day. However, you can also suggest your preference. Next, check if they offer car parking, find the dining option, etc and then make the choice. Apart from this, find out if the restaurant is a food only restaurant or if they serve alcohol. If you prefer both, choose accordingly. In fact, call them up if you have doubts. 

Don’t ignore the location

Driving several miles in order to eat is not a very good thing. So, choose a restaurant that’s located nearby. You can either walk in to or drive, but ensure it has a good footfall. The hustle and bustle is a sign of a good restaurant. So, choose the one that has several visitors. 

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