True Passion


We let you enjoy the culture of real cooking. Cooking that’s fresh and fine, cooking that chef serves with passion and joy!

About us

Lovely Sweets & Restaurant is a casual authentic restaurant with a difference. Based in Calgary, we offer customers an inspired dining experience, they won’t forget. We offer the best recipes starting from veg to non-veg to salads- raitas to desserts.  All our offerings are handcrafted from the finest, freshest ingredients available.

At  our restaurant, Our Customers Come First and that’s why we stick to the tradition of catering only the best! With impressive service, sophistication and warmth in a contemporary ambience, we let you enjoy the culture of real cooking. We stick to our core values and adhere to our mission of doing robust business, engaging with our guests, employees and partners.

Our Passion

We are very passionate about good Italian food and great drinks. We believe passion takes its good shape when it is being shared with guests.

Quality Matters

When the matter relates to delivering quality dishes, we know how to set the standard. Using only the fresh ingredients from the finest growers, we make every effort to treat you as if you are our only guest.

Value Re-defined

By value, we just don’t mean the price of the dishes, and for us it is something more. We stick to our motto of delivering a complete and rewarding experience you can be proud of.